Welcome to tamouse.org, Tamara Temple’s home on the web.

I am a geeky person, mom of 2 grown kids, a webologist1, a software craftsperson, a beginning watercolourist, sketcher, musician, photographer, and reclusive chatter.

What is here

Under tamouse.org, you’ll find various things:

  • blog - my web log. Things I find interesting and want to share with others. Somewhat of a hodgepodge of funny, sciency, crittery, and stuff.

  • swaac - Software As A Craft (SWAAC), my development blog (aka devblog) where I share code, craft, process and learning about how to do the craft of writing, testing, releasing software.

  • resume - my online resume site, built in middleman.

  • art - recently begun (March 2015), this will become my place to display and talk about my art, mainly watercolour painting at the moment.

  • recipes - my online (food) cookbook.

  • wiki - a (very out-of-date and rather defunct) PmWiki that is a collection of a whole pile of things.

Where else to find me

  1. ‘What’s a “webologist”?’ you say? Simply, that I study the world wide web, its culture, its technology, its history, its direction, and the people that make it up. As an amateur anthropologist, this is my tribe.